Welcome to the Official Website of the Central Jersey Joint Insurance Fund

The Central JIF would like to welcome two new members to the Fund: The Boroughs of Metuchen & Middlesex!  

The Central Jersey Joint Insurance Fund commenced operations on July 1, 1998, shortly after the New Jersey legislature’s enactment permitting communities to form self-insurance funds. The fund was initially organized by a charter group of 3 municipalities. As of January 1, 2019, the fund had 10 members. The mission of this Fund is to provide a safe environment for the member agency’s employees and the residents they serve, protect the assets of its members, and contain costs through joint purchasing of insurance and sharing of services and staff.

The Central Jersey Joint Insurance Fund is considered a public body and is required to follow the Local Public Contracts Law, Open Public Meeting Act, Open Public Records Act, and New Jersey State Ethics Law. This website has been developed in an effort to allow members of the public to obtaininformation regarding the administration and operation of the Fund.


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Central Jersey Municipal Joint Insurance Fund
9 Campus Drive - Suite 16
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Phone: 201-881-7632
Fax: 201-881-7633
Email: bstokes@permainc.com

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